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Jan 23rd
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UK government to integrate personal data held on British citizens
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Friday, 26 April 2002
The Labours governments plans to integrate the personal data held on British citizens by various government departments and agencies
is a dagger to the heart of liberty, says the Libertarian Alliance, the radical free market and civil liberties think tank and pressure
Libertarian Alliance Director http://www.libertarian.co.uk) , Dr Chris R. Tame, says:

"In the light of the ever-more blatant attack on civil liberties in this country - including the proliferation of camera surveillance systems, the increasing involvement of intelligence agencies in
political surveillance and dirty tricks operations, the push for a national ID card and DNA database, the gradual abolition of common
law liberties by the removal of jury trials, of the presumption of innocence, of the right of silence and of double jeopardy, and by the adoption of the EUs despotic corpus juris - this proposal is
even more ominous. The governments claim that data would be processed only where necessary is laughable - especially when one sees that their list of necessary reasons covers every conceivable excuse for nanny statism, paternalism, censorship, socialism, prudery, puritanism and prohibitionism.

It is ironic that when the state has demonstrated that it is incapable of providing any public service adequately, when itcannot defend its citizens from predators of every stripe, that is
should be attempting to turn us into supplicants and serfs. The common argument that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear is absurd. In an age when health fascists have declared smoking to be a form of child abuse it is clear that everyone can be subjected to the prejudices of demented paternalists - whether of
the fundamentalist religious nutters, the peddlers of PC pieties, the environmentalists, or the feminist anti-sex cranks. Your life style, your tastes, your sexuality, your political and social views, can be subjected to tomorrows moral panic, propaganda scare campaign and witch-hunt and legislated as crimes or as politically incorrect.

The citizens of Britain need to send a message to our would-be masters that we are not numbers, that we will not be pushed, filed, indexed, stamped, briefed, debriefed, or numbered - that our lives are our own.

It is now clear that the social contract has been broken by the state. Resistance to the usurpations of the state is both a right
and a moral duty. It is the right, the duty, of all to resist and disrupt the states data gathering and record-keeping ability, by whatever means are necessary".

Source: http://www.libertarian.co.uk
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