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Nov 14th
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Everything the EC doesnt tell about European projects
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Friday, 24 May 2002
At the end of 2002, the European Commissions sixth Framework Programme for research will become operational with two new instruments through which research funding will be channelled: integrated projects and networks of excellence.

The transition from one Framework programme to another always poses new challenges and unfamiliar material, but also greater opportunity for success for those who prepare early, before the competition increases. TuTech at the Technical University in Hamburg-Harburg in association with Singleimage in the UK is offering two seminars designed to prepare potential participants for initiating and managing European Community (EC) funded RTD projects.

Managing EC Research Projects is a practical orientated seminar based on experience gained over more than a decade of the specific problems encountered in managing multi-cultural, multi-organisational, technology development collaborations which are a feature of all EC projects. It is aimed at project managers who are or are about to take on the role of coordinator, and also for those who are in the process of initiating such projects for Framework 6.

The IST Programme in Framework 6 will explain the Commissions proposals for new mechanisms of research support. The focus will be on the Thematic Priority 2 targeted at the IT sector. This workshop will explore how these funding mechanisms will operate in practice and is intended for research managers and administrators who already have some knowledge of EU RTD Programmes.

Monica Schofield, Head EU Office at TuTech and one of the speakers at the seminar, reports:

"Some years ago after feeling rather alone and forelorn as the project director of a large ESPRIT project, I looked around for training support, and was surprised to find that there was very little on offer for fledgling EC project managers. So I decided to put together a seminar myself based on my practical experience - to cover everything the EC doesnt tell you. How do deal with real life.

I have now got toegther with Paul Drath of Singleimage in the UK, who like myself has many years of experience working with the Commission who has managed to out together a seminar about the new instruments in FP6. We are offering the two seminars: "Managing EC Projects" and "The IST Programme in Framework 6" to be held in Hamburg 19 & 20 June. Both seminars are aimed at preparing for an effective entry into FP6.

We would like the seminars also to be a networking opportunity, and therefore are keen to attract participants from outside the Hamburg region.

We have both received "rave reviews" in the past and I promise that the seminars wont be dull! they are particularly suitable for people who wish to initiate projects in FP6."

Read more at: http://www.tutech.de/FP6/
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