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Nov 14th
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Foundation of a new Party in South-Kurdistan / Iraq
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Friday, 26 April 2002
We received a message, dated April 2, 2002, related to the foundation of the "The Democratic Solution Party of Kurdistan" that we gladly pass over to our readers. Please read the extended text for the complete version of the press release.
From the outset of the human history, Middle East and especially the Mesopotamia has been the cradle of civilisation. For the first time in history, the culture of freedom and equality between peoples and the concept of freedom developed in this region. It was this region that introduced these concepts to the humanity. This region has served civilisation from every aspect and became the scene of appearance of various beliefs and conventions.

Mesopotamia was the centre of civilisation for centuries and drew the attention of the rest of the world to itself. But as a result of losing its original nature, the self-repeating and dogmas it could not leave behind the reactionary norms. Instead, the West took the lead and, on the basis of capacities developed in the Middle East, could carry out an extensive effort for enlightenments and transformations. In this way the Middle East lost out and faced obscurity and degeneration - while the West became the centre of the world.

For centuries reactionary ideas and obscurities were imposed on the Middle East and dominated it as a destiny. In the 20th century, national contradictions reached their height as two World Wars and several other regional wars and confrontations occurred in it. This resulted in new political systems coming to life. Once more, several nations and countries were divided in fragmentations - especially in the Middle East several new states emerged. As a result of the ethnical and national confrontations the Middle East was in an inferior position.

When the state of Iraq was established, a new system emerged, based on deepening the religious and national contradictions between Sunni and Shia Arabs and between Arab and Kurdish ethnicities. The power was assigned to a Sunni Arab minority whom did not represent the people of Iraq. The aim was that the new system would be dependent on foreign powers, because Iraq (including South Kurdistan) was rich with numerous oil fields, but at the same time had links to the rest of the world.

As the domination over Iraq meant controlling the rest of the Middle- East, the country drew the attention of foreign powers was exposed to their schemes. Now it is more than 80 years that Iraq is experiencing confrontations, chaos, tensions, and has not yet experienced peace and freedom. Although, after the demise of monarchy and the victory of the revolution of 1958, a condition came about for democratic changes in Iraq and a solution for Kurdish cause. Sadly the domination of the narrow minded nationalistic Kurdish mentality and the intervention of foreign powers attitude put an end to this situation.

All Iraqi peoples - Arabs, Kurds, Turks and Assyrians - share the same destiny. Their will has been suppressed, the foreign dependency and submission as an option has been imposed upon them. They have been denied an opportunity for free development.

The Kurdish nation in particular has been exposed to genocide, national annihilation and forceful dislocation. The Arabisation of Kurdish areas has become a line pursued by the system. In response to that, the narrow-minded Kurdish nationalistic and Kurdish bourgeois movements have emerged. They have not only been able to use the opportunities for solution of Kurdish question, but they have not been able to free themselves from the circle of policies drawn by foreign powers.

After occupation of Kuwait by Iraq and the second Gulf war and the great popular uprising of the spring of 1991, a new situation came about in Iraq and Southern Kurdistan. Economical sanctions were imposed on Iraq, the Iraqi regime was isolated from international community and a safe haven was established in South Kurdistan. During the past ten years, all these questions still havent been resolved. Iraq is facing two options, either it implements the necessary democratic changes and transformations or sooner or later it will terminate.

Although, in these ten years a golden opportunity has come about in Southern Kurdistan to find a solution for Kurds, but as a result of feuds, not only this opportunity have been evaluated, but South Kurdistan is now facing division and fragmentation. The internal fighting has become an imposed fact and the Kurdish cause has remained unsolved drawing into further crisis.

The dominant political parties have paralysed the opportunities for democratisation. All those unanswered questions have reached a new dimention; all hopes have been trampled on. Now people have started to leave Kurdistan and a great number of them are on their way to foreign lands. This chaotic situation has resulted in uncertainty and will pave the way for losing the historical opportunity that may come about.

We are living in a time where the international norms of democracy and human rights have taken the lead. The world is moving towards a new system. In such circumstances the changes and transformations of those states and political systems are vital.

The Middle East - in particular Iraq - is in such a situation far from the reality of the life of the people of the region, nor our modern time either. That is why the democratic changes and transformations have become a crucial part of life and are the only way to come out from the present impasse. In the whole history of Iraq and particularly in the past ten years it has become clear that the problems facing the society could not be solved based on nationalism. Because the nationalism of the others deepens the crisis and if it will continue further it result into a situation similar to the Palestine - Israel conflict. That is why the only option for resolution of Kurdish cause and all problems facing Iraq is the democratic path and democratisation.

While the attack and intervention in Iraq is eminent, the most honorable to carry out democratic solutions ourselves, because it is an actual necessity and is demanded by the Iraqi peoples. The Iraqi peoples must take their destiny in their own hands. Change and transformation in Iraq is the only option, even if it is imposed by foreign powers.

In the present situation, we need to face the problems outright - especially the Kurdish question towards a resolution of formations.

During the past year, the movement has been engaged in organisational, popular and political activities and has been able to take some measures reaching masses. All the circumstances aforementioned were discussed in the first congress that was held between 3 - 15 March, and as a result of that founding a political party imposed itself. According to which the delegates in the congress decided to declare a new formation under the designation The Democratic Solution Party of Kurdistan.

Our party, The Democratic Solution Party of Kurdistan was established as a necessary factor of life for Iraq and South Kurdistan, in order to find solutions for all problems facing Iraq and put an end to the present uncertainty, irresolution and impasse. Our main aim is the establishment of a pluralistic democratic Iraq and a free Kurdistan that will be based on democratic federation of the provinces governed by the rule of law. It would be based on the voluntary union of Iraqi people, democratic solution without altering the present political borders. In this way the Kurdish cause and other problems facing Iraq could be resolved. The opportunity for freedom of thought development will be implemented.

Our party considers the political and democratic method the most suitable mean of struggle for expanding the awareness of the masses and leading the society towards consolidating the peace. To reach this aim we attach great importance to the struggle of popular and democratic organisations of civil society. We consider the works of such organisations as a main tool for democratisation of the society and the state. At the same time in the face of any attacks and aggression against the people of Kurdistan our party reserves the right of just self-defence. It considers not using this right as trampling upon this right and self-submission. For this aim it organises the "National Defence Force", HBN.

The women because of their gender are the most exploited more in the society. They are in the majority and their capacity thus far has not come to the surface. The women by nature are more attached to the peace, freedom and equality we all deserve. They insure the sisterhood between the peoples in the region. Our party unites the national, class and gender struggles together.

Alongside women, the youth are a dynamic force for democratic change and transformation. They can play an advanced role in this struggle. Our party attaches a special role to them. We are a popular party, which includes people from all walks of life.

We consider the toilers as the main pillar of the struggle. We attach a particular importance to the role of intellectuals, teachers and tradesmen and other stratum in the society. We consider the popular power as a principle, and for the first time in the history of the Kurdish people we see the authority as a dominion of the people.

To all democratic seeking, popular and patriotic forces !

The historical responsibility and the current situation deems it necessary that internal dynamics of Iraqi society and Southern Kurdistan in the face of any eventual changes in Iraq will be taken as point of principle. In this way instead of relying on foreign powers , the unity in the ranks of the people, groups, forces and organisations of Southern Kurdistan and the whole of Iraq is a duty of life and hard to miss.

Our party supports a system opposed to one party system, the narrow-minded interests of party politics, regionalism and family interests. Instead of militaristic culture of the regime, it applies culture. Our party considers the cultural diversity as richness.

Instead of rejecting one another we consider competition as a principle. In this respect we call upon all organisations, forces and fractions to respond jointly to these historical duties and necessities. To solve the problems of people and life and do not leave the scene to the monopolistic forces.

To our heroic people in the Southern Kurdistan!

For years our people have been experiencing a chaotic situation and has been exposed to suppression and suffering of all kinds. In spite of genocide our people in Southern Kurdistan have been determine and never stopped scarifying.

After the historical uprising of March 1991, all expectations and hopes of our people was to achieve freedom and release their rights. But the internal conflicts and deepening of crisis have left the nation disappointed. During the past ten years our people experienced several setbacks and because of the prevailing general interests did not react accordingly. The situation worsened day after day, people became alienated, hopelessness and irresolution turned into their destiny. The people no longer can bear this situation, they can not accept that problems remain unresolved.

The nations only option is to demand solution, peace, tranquility and freedom. Our people keep their achievements.

Our party represents the will of the people, their demands and has been established to achieve these objectives. The congress to establish our party is organized in the month of March. It is a month in which Kurdish nation experienced the martyrdom in Helabja; the glorious uprising of 1991 occurred; where Newroz coincide - the national day and the symbol of the unity of the peoples of the region.

Our party established in order to put an end to the genocide and reoccurring another Halabja, for preserving and developing the achievements of the Kurdish uprising, to reclaim Newroz and to celebrate in the spirit of a modern time.

Our party established to secure the freedom of Kurds and pave the way for freedom and democracy of all peoples of the region. It will become a bridge for brotherhood between all peoples. Our party considers the relation and ties between Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan, regards national unity as the cornerstone of voluntary union of the peoples of the region.

We believe our nation have always been ready for sacrifices in order to achieve their national objectives and shall continue to sacrifice to preserve their achievements. They are prepared with all their mights. The nation shall turn into a strong fortress of democratic struggle.

Based on these principle our party pledges to enlighten the way of the people, and to whatever cost make people aware of their interests and organise them. We endevour to become the source of the solution, believes the hopes for our people, to continue the path of the martyrs and relaying on the force of the people to gain the victory.

Long live a democratic Iraq and a free Kurdistan!
Long Live The Democratic Solution Party of Kurdistan!
Long live the voluntary union of Iraqi people!
Long live the rule of the People!
Death to any kind of dictatorship, monopolism, and clientalizm.

Hail to the martyrs of freedom and democracy.
Long live our national Leader Apo!

The Democratic Solution Party of Kurdistan


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