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May 23rd
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UN NGO 55th annual DPI/NGO Conference
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Friday, 16 August 2002
Milan, Italy – 16 August, 2002 – NEXUS-International Broadcasting Organization will be represented at a conference entitled “Rebuilding Societies Emerging from Conflict: A Shared Responsibility”, to be held at the United Nations from 9 to 11 September 2002. The Conference will explore the role of the international community in supporting societies emerging from conflict with a special focus on post-conflict societies that have been the subject of concerted United Nations involvement. United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Han Seung-soo, President of the fifty-sixth session of the UN General Assembly, and Mary Robinson, UN High Commissioner for Human rights, are among the dignitaries that are expected to address the opening session of the Conference. Other featured speakers will include United Nations and government officials, NGO representatives and civil society leaders who have first-hand field experience in post-conflict societies and are in the forefront of the struggle to maintain the peace and rebuild society. To fully appreciate the painstaking efforts and enormous resources needed to restore a sense of normality to societies emerging from conflict, the Conference will also hear from citizens who have lived through the violence faces by these communities, as well as from cultural leaders, journalists, academics and other professionals whose work has focused on understanding the process of recovery and reconciliation.

NEXUS-IBA is a non-profit association founded in 1990. Our aims are to provide all necessary means at our disposal for the effective dissemination of content on radio, the Internet and any media in general. Today the association is focusing as a technology mediator or facilitator, to enable our members and end-users to make full use of the recent developments of technology, media and the Internet. NEXUS-IBA is currently working on a large scale European project (DEMOS: http://www.demos-project.org) on e-democracy, and is exploring several areas of exploitation of the DEMOS technology for its end user base, as well as for the media industry, and local, national and international government use.

On June 15, 1995, NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association was officially approved for association with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations, and for the last 23 years has been actively working in promoting the work and activities of both UN and UNESCO.

Organized by the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Section of the United Nations’ Department of Public Information (DPI), in cooperation with the Executive Committee of NGOs associated with DPI, the Conference is open only to representatives of NGOs associated to the DPI, those in consultative status with the United Nations through the Economic and Social Council or those working with UN agencies and programmes or with UN Information Centres and Services. Additional information on the activities of NEXUS-IBA is available on the organization’s Web site at http://www.nexus.org, on http://www.undpi.org and at http://www.un.org/dpi/ngosection/55conf.htm. Enquires on NEXUS-IBA’s activities may be addressed to: NEXUS-IBA, PO Box 11028, 20110 Milan, Italy. Phone: +39 02 7060 6603 (English) +39 02 2666971 (Italian) , Fax: +39 02 70638151, or by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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