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Oct 27th
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Tsunami hits East and West of the world. Support radio amateurs relief activity in the area
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Friday, 31 December 2004
If you want to donate to help relief works in the areas hit by the recent tsunami, read on. We just received this interesting piece of information from the Danish Shortwave club international

You all will have seen the pictures on your TV of the TSUNAMI-desaster which has hit the countries around the Bay of Bengal and the scale of devastation truly beyond anyones comprehension. While international help is beginning to pour in into these countries, and bank accounts for donations have been established in many countries, I feel that we as a truly "international" community could also do our own bit to help.

In Sri Lanka, one of the worst hit countries, Victor Goonetilleke, an internationally renowned DXer and Radio ham, 4S7VK, who is also the president of the Sri Lanka amateur radio society, has been busy with his friends to support the government to establish communication lines to many of the outlying communities hit by the desaster. While they are doing what they can, they lack funds for everything, from equipment, materials to petrol for transporting staff and equipment across the country.

I myself have spent two and a half years in Sri Lanka as a telecoms consultant and know how difficult logistics can be already under normal conditions let alone now in this situation. I also have known Victor for the last twenty-six years and I know that he is a truly trustworthy person who will make it his personal responsibility that not one single cent or penny will be spent for anything else than aid. Whatever is not used my the radio amateur society for their activities, will be spend to buy food, clothing or medicine. In addition, whatever funds will be made available by anyone of us will be fully accounted for and at the end of the effort every contributor will be informed where the money went to.

I myself have already pledged Victor 500 US-$ because of the emotional ties I still have with this country and since I cannot go down there myself and help. But any amount from any of you will be most welcome. I have volunteered to collect the money here in Germany and send it in bulk to Victor in Colombo, so if you are willing to help I would appreciate a short e-mail to me at \n This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it > This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will let you know the bank account details.

Gerhard Werdin, dswci #1206, Dec 29.
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