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Sep 22nd
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New UK forum for hospice and palliative care
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Friday, 19 July 2002
A new UK forum for hospice and palliative care has been established.

The incidence of cancer is rising globally. 80% of people suffering from cancer in poorer parts of the world are first diagnosed then their cancer is too advanced for a cure. For them and millions of people with AIDS, palliative care is the care that will bring relief and comfort.

But in these countries, where the need is often the greatest, there exists the greatest barriers to developing hospice and palliative care services. The majority of countries in the world still do not have comprehensive palliative care services yet it is low cost home based care and the essential drugs are cheap.

Decades of existing achievement have depended on commitment, both personal and organisational, from established hospice services to spreading better quality care for the dying despite little or no official support.

In 2000, individuals and organisations in the UK agreed to discuss the nature of any partnership working. The consultation process led to the agreement that a forum be established - and subsequently nominations to the management committee occurred. The UK charity Help the Hospices agreed to facilitate the establishment of the forum.

UK forum goals and objectives
The forum aims to have a facilitative and enabling role that covers:
·the development of a UK network of interested people and organisations
·working in hospice and palliative care overseas
·creating a funding structure to support hospices overseas
·facilitating twinning arrangements.
·a training and education programme
·an information-giving and influencing role
The membership now comprises over 75 individuals and organisations working in the UK to support hospice and palliative care provision overseas.

The UK forum has also worked with hospice information (a partnership between Help the Hospices and St Christopher’s Hospice) on:
·a revised Fact Sheet and seminars on Hospice twinning and Teaching abroad
·an enquiry service on international hospice/palliative care
· international directories
·international component on website www.hospiceinformation.info
·piloting a monthly international email newsletter

The UK forum secretariat is funded by Help the Hospices

Case story
Kenya has had a home based palliative care service for 12 years. Three
centres have been established but in such a large country many people remain without any care, pain relief, or symptom control. Until recently the highly populated coastal area has no palliative care facility but following the death of his mother, who had to travel to Nairobi 350 miles away for palliative care, Faustin Mgendi started a palliative care centre. Training for the staff of the new centre is desperately required and is a major component in developing this new service.

Help the Hospices on behalf of the UK forum welcomes donations to assist in its work. Individual, corporate or trust donors may want to assist in projects in a particular part of the world. The UK forum can assist in identifying suitable projects that money can be channelled to and can help administer the grant if this is required. Hospices and palliative care services may wish to twin with services worldwide. This is a useful way of sharing experience and learning from each other. Health professionals may be interested in working in projects that UK forum members are involved in. This may involve a training component.

Further info
Hospice information
E mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web www.hospiceinformation.info
Tel 00 44 0870 903 3903

Membership is open to people and organisations working in the UK with links overseas in hospice and palliative care. Associate membership is available to organisations around the world.

To join, please contact:
Nick Pahl, Development Director
Help the Hospices
Hospice House 34-44 Britannia Street
London WC1X9JG
Tel 0207 520 8236 Fax 020 727 1021
E mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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